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Crushing on black, white and gold

I don’t know what it is at present, but skimming through my Pinterest stream I seem to have been encapsulating a lot of moody black, white and gold. Could it be the changing seasons? The current sales? My magpie tendencies? One can only guess the inner workings of my creative mind!

So a round-up: here are a few things – both of interiors and fashion – that have caught my eye this week:

1. Country Road Arco Gold Candle 2. Decjuba Wearing My FurtureTop 3. Crate & Barrell Alston Ivory/Gold Curtain Panels 4. Kate Spade Lindenwood Laptop Bag 5. Witchery Crystal Disc Stud Earrings

…spot the two items above I didn’t end up taking home!

P.S – Seeing as these round-ups now seem to be making a regular appearance on my blog, I have made a new topic round-ups for your perusal. Enjoy!

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Gold polka dots

How cute are these dotted designs below? I think it must’ve been Designlovefest that first got me hooked on gold polka dots. I’ve had their gold confetti pattern on the background of my iPhone for ages now, and from that it must’ve latched onto my subconscious!

1. Glass tumbler 2. Cushion set 3. Wedding cake 4. Washi tape 5. China mug 6. Umbrella

I can see that mug appearing in my kitchen cupboard as well as the tumbler (heads up guys, it’s my birthday soon!) and some cushion covers like the above wouldn’t be too hard to make.. a rainy weekend project perhaps? The spotty brolly would definitely add a little glam to your drizzly day, and I envisage the tape beautifying any gift-wrapping so that’s a cheap and easy must-have!

And oh, that wedding cake.. let’s just say if I was going to renew my vows it might have to be something like this! Swoon!

See how I clearly justified purchasing everything above? Terrible! Don’t worry, most of the time I just look!

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