Sunday bannister painting!

So it was 3pm on a Sunday the other weekend and I decided then and there it was time to paint the entry-way bannisters. Cue a sigh and a reeeeeallly right now face from my husband, but I managed to convince him somehow, and so we picked up and popped down to our local Resene to pick up some charcoal/graphite coloured paint.

You may remember our white bannisters, no? They feature here where I talk about how i’m going to redo my entryway. I’m the one complaining about how everything’s too white and boring!

The blah bannisters

A snore-fest indeed!

I’m not one usually for buying test-pots (why try before you buy when you can just get into the painting faster?!) and so I decided on a shade of nearly-black – Resene Lustacryl in ‘Ultra-Deep.’  I was back home and ready to paint before 3.30pm! Not too shabby!

I thought about sanding the bannisters down but they were in quite good condition so I skipped this step. My walls are a definite shade of white, so I made sure I taped up the wooden floor edges and put down some drop-cloths on the floor and walls as usual.

One coat later and I was feeling great about my instincts to choose to paint these in a much darker shade. There is just so much white going on in this area, and the black really will tie in my painted hall table, and all three will look great with the wallpaper I purchased for the feature wall (it’s going to be where the red art is – a big reveal post coming soon!) Exciting!

Coat one down!

Second coat down, and the bannisters were looking amazing. I finished off the railing on the wall down the stairs the next afternoon which completed the look.

Top coat done

S’cuse the shadows and exposure.. it does that when you take photos at night!

I really like the black and white. It looks modern yet also classic, and somehow really does add a certain dimension to the area.

So all in all, an easy and really cheap project which adds much more to the entry space. I only managed to get three splodges of black paint on the carpet which am not terribly impressed about… maybe this weekend i’ll have to investigate carpet cleaners…

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Adirondack chairs

Our weekend purchase for the balcony in time for Summer… i’m looking forward to sunshine, sangria and snoozing on my new white Adirondacks!


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A medallion art wall installation

Ever since seeing this awesome art installation of medallions on Pinterest back in the day, I haven’t been able to get this stunning idea out of my head! What’s not to like? It ticked the boxes of all the design things I love… some aspect of fancy.. a little bit of beige/gold and a quirky and original take on something I haven’t seen done before.

Angelo Home

Clustered on a wall, this looked like an easy and inexpensive way to add texture and dimension to an area. And because they could be placed in any space, it could work no matter how awkward your wall space was. A no-brainer really!

I proceeded to search for these ‘medallions’ and soon came to realise they didn’t really call them that in lil’ ole New Zealand. Ceiling roses, or domes is what I was really searching for, and once I figured that out, I was able to refine my search to find a plastering company in the nearby vicinity.


Carrara Ceilings came to the party, and I visited their warehouse to have a look at their roses. I was pleasantly surprised – there were actually so many options and sizes, it was really hard to just pick a few! Of course I loved the big huge ones, but they were quite expensive so I made do with some small-medium sized ones for now. I put my order in for five roses, and popped back a week later to pick these up.

Another surprise was how heavy these were! The largest sized one I got was only about 35cm wide, but it was quite heavy! I set them out and thought about what colour schemes to paint them and how I was to go about placing them… and attaching them on the wall!

What I picked out

I painted the roses in couple of different shades of white and turquoise, and did a few coats because they were so porous. I left them to dry, which took about a week, then enlisted the help of some able-bodied men that were hanging around the house.

We placed them up against the wall. I hummed and harred, the guys got cranky, I got cranky, and so ultimately I gave them the go-ahead. We very carefully affixed the roses to the wall, using 3M sticky strips that could handle their weight.

Oh man, I really need to get out my good camera! Apologies for my bad photo taking skills..  This was the best one, I swear!

Looking back, i’m so not happy with this – I want to change the arrangement and the colour! Because my lounge walls are a very pale shade of butter, the small white roses really do not stand out against the wall and so that’s why I painted them turquoise. To fix this I want to paint them all white again and get maybe five bigger ones and spread them out on the wall. I think this can work as a subtle installation, and having a few more roses that are bigger mixed in with the smaller will have more impact than a colour.

So I guess watch out for take two of this project?! In which I shall take a photo of the whole wall, so you can see them in context in my lounge.

Phew, glad we got that sussed. Now I just have to figure out how to pry them off the wall without ruining the paint job!

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